David Stone

David Stone

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Need a hard cock? Look no further than our Mr. Stone! David is a 32 year old Canadian, from Ontario. This 220 pound stud has something of the superhero about him. It must be the dark hair, and piercing blue eyes…or maybe it’s the whole enchilada?

David’s a former competitive soccer player and NHL hockey fan, and exhibitionism suits him. He has us dreaming about all the hot-bodied Canadians we ogled during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. With his gold medal - winning cock, David looks so sexy and self-satisfied in that bed. We only took a couple shots in the underwear because we couldn’t wait to tear them off!

We’ve shot David before and he’s super nice and easy to speak with. Strange thing to say about a beefcake stud, but it’s the truth---the whole hard naked truth. Can you handle it?

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