Donnie Dreamer

This glistening beefcake once played college football, but who needs the uniform? His muscles make him an excellent choice to star as a gladiator in a sword and sandals epic. Or a bounty hunter charging through the Panamanian jungle. See, that’s the thing about Donnie: He gets the imagination going!

Alternatively, Donnie could be a cast member on the Jersey Shore. The only difference is that this stud has a great personality! Donnie’s 23, and hates ugly feet. He does love a nice ass though. That would explain why he so adores exposing, exploring and caressing his own amazing rear entry! And the tribal tattoos? Surely they translate to WORSHIP ME in English!

Halfway through our photo session, we asked Donnie if he'd do a jerk off scene and to our surprise, he did! Mr. Dreamer making dreams come true. Enjoy!



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