Lucky Daniels

Lucky Daniels

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Lucky is a CHARM! He's graced countless covers of mens’ magazines, websites, and even adult porn…but Lucky saves his best assets for the virtual pages of Paragon! We’ve always had a soft spot for Lucky, ever since we captured his sultry dark looks on film for the first time. In person, he’s as sweet as sultry can be!

Lucky is 5’ 11” and plays pro soccer. He’s good with balls, and for the record he prefers them smooth! This gay stud likes to wear clothing that shows off his fine physique because (his words) he “works hard to look presentable”. See, he’s modest, too!

He loves his life but if given the chance, Lucky would like to be an author. That is one book we promise to pick up! By the way, Lucky, the new body hair is working. You are one hot mammal!



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