Nico Bennett

Just beyond jailbait! Nick "Nico" Bennett is 19. How does a 19-year-old college student develop that rippling body? What’s in the water down in Tampa? Check out Nico’s nipples, buzz cut; the chasm between his six pack! Makes us want to visit the gyms near the USF campus in Tampa, where Nico is currently a sophomore.

Nico hates stupid drunks (note to readers) and wears nothing but basketball shorts to bed. He tinkers with car stereos and certainly turns up the volume (woofer!) in every one of our images. Nico may be young in age, but he expresses himself so maturely!

So who’s names are tattooed onto his back? Sacrificial fans seared into that fine flesh? We get it. This stud is drop dead gorgeous!



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