Alexsander Freitas

This steamy sensation is one BONIFIED reason Paragon has reached over a million visitors and has so many satisfied subscribers! Alexsander – yes, he spells his name that way - is clearly hooked on phonics and we can’t help but be hooked on him! The tats, the dark hair, the fur. Let’s hear it for this proud mammal!

Alexsander literally oozes sex. He showed up to our shoot in skin tight jeans and they didn’t last long. What’s a website to do? The reason there are few gallery shots is because this stud literally could NOT keep his clothes on! Blame it on the ridiculously carnal combination of Italian and Brazilian breeding. He is a Carioca stallion with a raging hard…well, check out the Penthouse to see the machinery he’s packing!

Mr. A has won bodybuilding competitions and stars in adult films. Let him fill you with more at his website,



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