John A

John A's favorite book is the Bible, and we sure want him in the biblical sense! Imagine him as the long-haired buffed-out Samson, holding those pillars before that bitch Delilah cut his hair. John has graced the covers of many magazines, including Playgirl, Maxim, Mens' Exercise and many more. He's from New Jersey, has an affection for Sandra Bullock (she's single!) and he's big into acting.

Just look at that face! John is like a Mediterranean sailor at sea, dark hair and an olive muscular torso begging to be slathered up, and don't forget the full and powerful mast! Despite his matinee idol looks, perfect body and massive endowments, John's not a huge partier. He prefers a home-cooked meal and cuddling up for a romantic movie.

Once, he took a date in a Central Park carriage ride that ended at a penthouse suite in a bed of roses and...imagine the payback that wrought! Other days, horsehung muscleman John lets the women do the wooing (begging?), and according to his sources, 3 to 1 is a perfect ratio. With this much sexual power at his disposal, John A is more than any one or two women can handle! See all 100% of John's male perfection on graphic display in our Penthouse and for more, more, more, hit up his site:


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