Kenny Brown

Mind if we swing off those meaty lats? Sex bomb Kenny Brown almost didn't make it to our shoot -he suffered a tire blow out and a rear-ending (ahem) on the way, but when he did arrive the A/C was shut off at our studio. Purposefully? You decide! The point is, he's glistened up and ready - Kenny sure made for one steamy session, beautifully basking in his own man juice.

Kenny is a musician and dance producer - with hopes of opening up his own music production company one day. He's also vegetarian and a big lover of Avatar! You won't catch him cutting down the tree of life. He makes love, not war! In fact, he loves the outdoors so much that he prefers to strip down and have sex in a rainstorm. See? Our wet and sticky photo shoot was right up Kenny's (steamy) alley!

How many licks does it take to dry off big caramel candy Kenny? Find out in our Penthouse, where you can catch sweaty self-loving and his explosive finish!


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