Parker London

Parker London comes clean: He has dabbled in porn, but wouldn't you? With his tanned chiseled body and pretty face, he is a complete sexual package....all for you! Parker works his assets to pumped up perfection and he's clearly detail-oriented. When he's not delivering mind-boggling orgasms on screen, Parker works as a carpenter, so his hands know their way around a well-pounded nail!

This 6' 2" of slab of masculine perfection doesn't mind some beach time at St. Tropez, or a good BBQ, but what keeps him steady is a love for writing music. It's his own personal form of therapy. In addition, he studies mechanical engineering. And so Mr. Parker is a contradiction, a beautiful puzzle that makes him that much more intriguing.

In the studio we chatted about the metaphysical meaning of life and discovered this is one pretty cover boy who delves deeper than the usual chit-chat. He's a mind, body, and a man who isn't afraid to have sex while driving! Why not, it's an automatic! Watch Parker rev up his well-greased sex cylinder engine in the Paragon Penthouse!


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