Rusty Stevens

Rusty Stevens

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Rusty nails it! Mr. Steven's stats? 195 lbs, 31" waist, emerald eyes, 7.5 inch cock and a body by Michaelangelo! Despite his movie-star face and perfect body, Rusty Stevens is all man and (interestingly) a fan of both hip-hop AND love songs! He's also a professional kickboxer, which is why he was the perfect choice to take on fellow muscle god Zeb Atlas (who can also be found stroking his massive hard-on in the Paragon Men Penthouse) in big Zeb's first gay-for-pay man-on-man muscleworship porn film!

When we're talking women, Rusty loves it when they surrender completely to him sexually. Asked if he can change someone to fit his mold, Rusty says, "I keep trying!" Good luck with that, Rusty! By the way, eating ass in 69 is his favorite sexual position. On a not-so-side note, Rusty does support gay marriage.

Rusty came to our studio with a leg injury after a minor motorcycle crash. By the time he stripped off all his clothes, the swelling had gone down - well, everywhere except the where it counts -- bulging on beautiful display in the Penthouse! Will the swelling go down if I kiss it?

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