Julian is the James Bond of San Diego. This sexy Renaissance Man has worked with Greg Wiener before, and knew him to be a tasteful and skilled photographer. Julian says a lot of trust goes into taking your clothes off. He should know! Julian has graced Fitness Magazine covers from Mens’ Fitness to Mens’ Health, and even kept his clothes on for a print spread for Saks Fifth Avenue. He has a consulting business, while modeling and acting in San Diego.

Julian swears he’s the dominant partner, but dreams about being a sex slave (?) He also suggests the best part of his body is his brain (knowing that’s not the answer we’re looking for!) but he is grounded and loves to surf, mountain bike, and read. One thing he’d like to point out is that he is in tune with nature – and if you want to impress him, join the ASPCA, Greenpeace, and the fight against autism.

For another worthy cause, check out Julian’s nude spread in the Penthouse, where we celebrate ALL the gifts nature endowed upon Julian!

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