Johnny Cruise

Johnny Cruise

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We found Johnny Cruise, darling of muscle worshippers across the globe, online, where we get all our amazing virtual gods, er, goods! Johnny looks like a giant Tom Cruise, if Tom Cruise were big, bald, and bad ass.

This shredded musclegod loves to travel. On a recent trip to Haiti, Johnny was mobbed by crowds of awe-struck children - clearly third world kids know a superhero when they see one! Even on our shoot in Venice Beach, total strangers propositioned him for photo-ops. Everyone wants a piece, and Johnny has so many pieces to pose with!

Johnny's biggest turn-off is smoking, but a fireman uniform is his favorite fetish gear. Must be the hose! For the record, this often-naked, always-hard bodybuilder is straight, but “open”. Especially to threesomes on a flight! Talk about a cabin pressure! This stud gets away with everything.

He’s a lean mean, gigantic machine. And the kicker? He eats Big Macs for breakfast!

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