John Galt a/k/a Tim Adonis

This is John Galt spouting! And he's got more than a mouthful! This golden beefcake makes one wonder if he's what Nietzsche meant when he said man must transcend himself!

John never got attention growing up and wasn’t in shape, so he killed two birds with one (rock hard) stone! Now that it’s time to blow a hot load for his first time (he doesn’t say that a lot!) online, he loyally chose the Paragon Penthouse!

Locked in a padded room? John Galt likes em mildly psychotic; it keeps things interesting! One time after sex, an ex-girlfriend stuck her chewing gum up inside his sticky, generous foreskin. Yeah, she was probably off her meds. Hot!!

Galt also owns Brooklyn's Adonis Lounge, where young, horned up studs line-up to drop their pants for tips. Gratefully, John helped us hand pick from his sexy stable for our site. Keep coming back, and they'll keep coming!!


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