Darren Goldberg

Darren Goldberg grew up in sunny San Diego,– heating up his well-chiseled instrument, which has women under his spell – even his mother, who still does his laundry!

In preparing for a shoot, Darren takes 4-5 days to become camera ready, and then even a slice of sushi is cheat-food! His eats nothing but a communist-era ration of yams, oatmeal, and wet pussy.

Growing older is a privilege Darren can brag about! He’s a super-sought after 40 plus male muscle model – starring this month both as a Paragon Man and also gracing the pages of EMO (Exercise for Men Only) magazine!

It wasn’t his intention to get hot, horny, bothered, or streak naked- but after flashing a hot thatch of pubic hair, he yanked down his underwear to expose his supple, so-suckable shaft. Before you knew it, another worship-worthy cock at your service!

For more of Darren, check him out on ModelMayhem.com.

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