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Spiros Pappas

If you want the boy next door – go next door! Spiros is at home where we can watch him jerk off! This newcomer is easy on the eyes – but once the swimsuit came off – who’s looking at the eyes?

Spiros cares about our readers – and hopes you enjoy the content. Sweet! This Greek-American stud also likes to try “freaky” things – like the one time he had sex on a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade float. That sounds (hot) loads better than the usual stuffing!

Speaking of recipes - back in college, Spiros once ate spicy Thai and then went down on a girl. She ran shrieking, pussy burning, panties at her ankles, to rinse it off. She may well have been running from his monster, pipe-layer of a cock! He could beat people with that bat! Judging from the tizzies his nudes inspire– he may have to!

The best part? Spiros is baring it all for Paragon to help pay for medical school – apparently he plans to keep hearts beating long into the future!

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