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David Deluca

David Deluca

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Hey Gallery God! David's from Toronto – can’t you tell? With his lovely olive Mediterranean sex appeal? It's Canada's dream, and another of Paragon’s internet exclusives!

David loves the beach (confidential to David: explain Toronto!) and is turned-off by closed minds: “it’s just lazy.” Sexually, he’s not lazy at all! In fact, he was recently caught doing it on a stairwell. Yes, David will have sex anywhere. Anywhere except a bar bathroom – ya gotta draw the line somewhere! David takes sex out of the stalls and into the stairwells. Atta boy!

He also loves riding horses. There’s something liberating about a good gallop! Uh huh! Out of the saddle, David’s the kind of guy who would do anything for a friend. Seriously – if he drops his pants for cyber strangers, what wouldn't he do for a friend?

Sexy David has acted before on film (not porn - but there’s hope!) so he knows just how to work a camera, and he sure as hell can move (our eyes can hardly keep up)!

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