John Taylor

John "good ol’ boy" Taylor comes from the rural hinterlands of the Appalachians-- by way of Babeland! This 6' 3" super sized stud is the odds on favorite for March's Mr. XXX!

We found him on all sexy on the beach -and instantly knew John was the biggest discovery since Lana Turner sucked her milkshake at Schwabs.  John was packing talent in all the right places! Though he hadn’t done much video before, he knew instantly just how to milk the audience…and himself!

We sat him down so our camera could gratuitously gaze up at his thick meaty, creamy thighs.  He's shaved to accentuate his homegrown beef, the chiseled lines, the hot thick shaft and balls!

Would you believe he once had wild sex in a Burger King bathroom? This time, John’s whopper is all yours!

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