Tyson Longhook

It’s not poetic, but let’s come out and say it: the hose matches the house. It’s huge, it's beautiful, it's perfectly cut! And of course it gets pulled out, tugged, and kinked in our Penthouse.

Taking your eyes off Tyson Longhook is impossible. Like if you saw a unicorn crossing the road, could you take your eyes off? He’s got that magical, mythical attraction – and we dig how he collars his hog with a cockring. Jealous!!!

This black stallion is humble and affectionate. He’s also a semi-pro wrestler and has laid them flat all down the eastern seaboard and as far away as San Antonio, Texas. He’s also a personal trainer who loves to make people look and feel better about themselves. See, he’s a giver :)

“Stop working out,” they told him. “You’re going to explode!” - explode he does, on XXX laptops across the paragoniverse – penetrating deeper than any man has penetrated before! We’re lucky to have him. For the shoot, Tyson arrived and knocked on the door – at the wrong hotel! Thankfully nobody answered or we may have lost him to a very lucky, horny hotel guest!

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