Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony

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He’s not Italian, but maybe he should be?With a perfect mix of smooth and hard, Michael Anthony is a creamy marble statue worthy of the Uffizi!Add lusty feline eyes, chiseled face and irresisbible furry armpits...and the mesmerization is complete!

His gallery shots rollover, rollover, rollover – sorry, was that a command? If only!

Michael modeled for a beefcake 2011 calendar (Mr. April?) sold at Barnes & Noble.If you hurry, he may be on the clearance rack, or (more likely) behind the register as employee inspiration!He knows just how to pose and turn and show off that fabulous physique!Hey Michael, how about posing for Paragon’s 2012 calendar?

Michael also stars in an artistic fitness book by Rick Day, models, plays baseball, and plans to be a successful stockbroker.Oh, he once had sex in a Coach Bus Bathroom - while it was moving.Pass the hand sanitizer!We suddenly feel dirty – in more ways than one!

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