Spotlight: Todd Sanfield Underwear

Fitness model Todd Sanfield has been photographed by many of the world’s greatest photographers and has graced the covers of countless magazines in his skivvies. Todd recently turned his attention to designing underwear, and his designs have won immediate acclaim. We are pleased to report that Todd is both talented and gorgeous, as well as being a smart businessman with a charming personality. Todd was kind enough to give an exclusive interview with Paragon Men and also kindly modeled his products himself. If these images get your attention, rest easy: We are determined to convince Todd to come back for a shoot with Greg Weiner both in and out of his underwear! But for now, let's get to know this remarkable young man.

The Todd Sanfield Collection is phenomenal! How did you get into this business Todd?

Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment. And, thanks for having me. I want to also like thank everyone for the support in this beginning phase of the line. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion model, so at the time got with an agency called IMG. This lead to no fashion jobs, just underwear modeling. This is initially what sparked my interest in the world of underwear. I felt I could add something different to the underwear market, I guess I was always more interested in the designing than the modeling.

We have been struggling to find another example of a male model who has created a line of underwear. It’s a brilliant concept: Underwear from a man who millions of people have swooned over in his underwear. Can you think of one, or you in fact a pioneer in this field?

Honestly, I have no idea. I am just doing what comes natural and what I have wanted to do for years. It’s pretty cool though that I could be a pioneer in this field, even though that is not what I was going for

Who designs the underwear? How does a design become reality?

I design the underwear, something just comes to mind. I usually say to myself what would I look sexy in or would want to wear, then I start working on it

What makes your collection unique?

I am going for a classier, sophisticated look, but very sexy at the same time. You should be able to wear it to the office or to the gym... Or while you’re go-go dancing at Splash Bar NYC - LOL, thanks again guys for having me!

What’s your priority: comfort or appearance?

I am going for an equal balance between the two, they are both extremely important. This is the very beginning phase of the line; I just received my first shipment a couple months ago. The line will keep getting better and better.

Has the Collection taken over? What’s the latest in your modeling career? Any other projects you’d like to share with your fans?

The collection has not taken over; my education is still the number one priority, I am in graduate school here in Michigan, a Doctor of Pharmacy program (PharmD). The line will take over once I finish with school and if it takes over before I am done then I will have to hire more people to run the back side of things. But, don’t think I let it sit on the back burner, I still work on the collection when I can, which seems like a whole lot. As far as modeling goes, there are some things happening. I am hoping it will be a good 2011 for The Todd Sanfield Collection.

Also, we are working on getting another order very soon and expanding the line. We should have some swimwear, tank tops, t shirts, and socks. This will all be happening by the end of the summer.

What is the best way for models or fans to reach you?

Please, sign up for the mailing list at and join my Facebook page.

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