How do you resist Temptation?  You don't!  Temptation is a good ol' boy from Florida with a booming bod he keeps in top form while playing in the Florida sun.  He's a fan of open ocean kayaking - and promises he's a pro with all kinds of paddles.  Bend over and beg!

As his unbelievably hot XXX spread attests, this Viking's blond is the real deal.  Temptation isn't afraid to grow his hot golden pubes, which does nothing to diminish a massive cock dripping with fantasy foreskin.  He has done plenty of modeling, male stripping and erotic entertaining, so Temptation knows exactly what his (hard)core admirers want - hung, blond, and a giant load off!  He came hard and came forever - rampantly blowing in our XXX Penthouse video.  We're surprised he could stand after such a draining.

Luck for us, Temptation is always here for an explosive replay.  If you'd like to see more of Temptation, check out his sexy fashion site WornGear.com featuring his cock-centric original underwear and athletic wear, brilliantly designed for the horse-hung sex stud in all of us.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You are correct, horny readers. The freaky, sex-crazed musclehunk who went by his male stripper name "Temptation" in his first-ever explicit XXX shoot and video JO here in Paragon Man was subsequently christened "Alex Chambers" by Colt Studios - you guys (and gals) don't miss a beat!

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