Jaxton Asher

Saddle up for our prized bull Jaxton!  All he wanted was some more exposure.  What could we do but help him out?  Jaxton Asher is one hunk to watch - with the brawny beard, giant frame - and the most powerful giant legs we've ever photographed.   He's full grown and home blown!

After filming his XXX video for our Penthouse, we're sure Jaxton's bound for erotic superstardom.  He's the life of the party - and the bedroom is a source of constant adventure - like the time he lost a vibrating bullet inside his girlfriend's pussy.  Whoops!  His fantasy is to be dominated by a woman; chained like Spartacus in a dungeon and forced to eat her out for hours.

Though he may be up north now, Jaxton's a southern boy.  He prefers to be in a climate where he can show off those unbeatable thighs and the giant crotch hog that gets pumped between them. Sometimes, perfection just comes/explodes naturally.

Watch and learn!

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