Jason Landis

 Unveiled! He's our gallery god for June. Jason Landis has the creamy hard texture of an Italian marble right out of the Renaissance, or a fairy tale. Pure timeless perfection - like Dorian Gray in a portrait that never ages or Narcissus gazing at his reflection in the pond. The untamed mane, hard flesh, his hot buff body fresh from the Florida surf. 

 Jason can ride a wave, and we have a feeling he’s gonna take this one very, very far! In his free time, this fresh faced beauty works on cars, money markets and handfuls of breasts in the B to C range. He also likes long legs (not sticks) and a little something in the rear.

When he’s dressed, Jason often gets mistaken for Bon Jovi’s son. When nude, Paragon subscribers might mistake him for a five alarm fire. Phew! Did we mention, he works in hospitality?

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