Dave Romero

 He’s not naked, he’s completely covered in a bright light! Dave Romero was born in Budapest (so the Brazilian on his head is not native). He loves attitude, eyes, a good personality – and most importantly, he loves $$$! 

He’s got that sexy sports star look, so it’s no surprise he’s a professional wrestler in his native Hungary. He also loves life and laughter, blah blah blah – take your clothes off! Who doesn’t want to see this stud out of his singlet and flat on the mat? Or posing his impossibly cut up body and whipping out his possibly perfect uncut meat forever in the annals of Paragon Men?

Being his first time whacking his cock on film, he was a bit nervous, but we caught (got?) him XXX stroking, and so can you! By the way, what is it about Eastern European beauties? Seriously, it’s like 99% of Hungarian men give the ugly ones a bad name!

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